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Cemetery lettering generally means any work done on site; it could be simply adding a date or as complex as duplicating a carving on the back of a monument. There are obvious differences between cemetery and shop work, they are the reason for the increase in cost. Putting my shop on the road, finding and setting up for each job plus dealing with the obstacles each cemetery and monument can bring are a few of the things I don’t have to deal with indoors.

Most cemetery lettering involves matching fonts; at times there can be slight differences in styles that require extra attention. The "NASCIMBENI" and "BOYAJIAN" monuments are examples of duplacating an exsisting carving  on site. Rubbings are the blueprint we use although pictures sent through email can be helpful to the trained eye. Each cemetery has their own rules for doing work such as applications and time limitations for being in the cemetery; some have no rules at all, part of the process for me is getting this information. Rest assured, with thirty plus years’ experience of lettering and dealing with cemeteries I will make a difficult process worry free.


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